Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions 2.0.1

Start an argument between your eyes and your brain


  • The optical illusions work


  • Illusions aren't exactly spectacular
  • Strange presentation

Not bad

A good optical illusion is something that fascinates everyone. Maybe it's part of the human makeup to enjoy being deceived. Now you can tease your eyes anytime you like thanks to Cassandra's Journey: Optical Illusions.

The app is designed to make you gasp in amazement at how your eyes can be tricked so easily. Unfortunately, it left me annoyed with my brain at how I could be tricked into downloading Optical Illusions so easily.

Optical Illusions is yet another example of an iPhone app that becomes very popular on the back of what it promises then dismally fails to deliver. Sure, there are optical illusions in this app, but while they will fool you, they aren't the most jaw-dropping examples you'll ever see.

The 'playing' time of this app is ultimately only about five minutes minute or so. For each optical illusion you are asked a question about the image, and it comes as no surprise at the end when you're told that all you're answers are wrong. I thought it was a little pointless having these questions when you know they are all optical illusions anyway.

If you are under the illusion that this is a great app then you need your head tested rather than your eyes.

More optical illusions Nice graphical presentations


  • More optical illusions Nice graphical presentations
Optical Illusions


Optical Illusions 2.0.1

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